Souls and Our Multi Dimensional Reality | Rabbi Avraham Sutton | Kabbalah Me Documentary

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Joshua Lazoff
by Published on December 8, 2020

Rabbi Avraham Sutton and Steven Bram

Product Description

Kabbalah Me is a personal journey into the esoteric spiritual phenomenon known as Kabbalah. Throughout history, Kabbalah was studied by only the holiest Talmud scholars. The misinformation, innuendo, and prohibition surrounding Kabbalah kept its wisdom from most Jews; many were even unaware of its existence.

In Kabbalah Me, director Steven Bram embarks on a spiritual investigation that leads him to reunite with the Hasidic branch of his family and connect to the community of Judaic scholarship. Eventually, his curiosity takes him on a pilgrimage to Israel, where he immerses himself in the history and traditions of the Holy Land.

Along the way, leading authorities discuss the complex, mystical world of Kabbalah - its varying interpretations and the myriad paths of its rituals and lessons. Bram's new commitment to spirituality and religious observance draws skepticism from family and friends but ultimately leads to profound changes across all aspects of his life.


"Kabbalah Me is most satisfying as a personal artifact that traces Bram's quest, bumps and all...This is, after all, a journey of faith, not one of facts, and the film sparks when it focuses on the universality of Bram's struggles." --The Dissolve

"A fascinating and inspiring story about a man's spiritual journey into the complex world of Jewish mysticism. But on another level, it is also a revelatory documentary about how faith and religious observance are marginalized in our society." --Jewish Daily Forward

"Welcoming and intriguing." --The Village Voice