These Are The Names

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Joshua Lazoff
by Published on February 26, 2020
Only few people know about the Chuetas of Palma de Mallorca. Chuetas are descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Catholizism in the 15th century. While officially Christians, their descendants secretly continued to live as Jews, always in danger to be caught and executed by the infamous Inquisition.
In 2006 Rabbi Shaul Friberg is sent to Mallorca. He is the first official Rabbi to Palma de Mallorca in centuries, and he is out on a mission to find out if there are any traces of Jewdaism left among the Chuetas. While diving into the past and present, discovering a lot more than he had expected, he also finds out something about himself and his own family.
A documentary by Paula Zimerman Targownik and Daniel Targownik