The mission of JEW2JEW is to enable Jewish based knowledge to be discussed, learned, and shared on the World Wide Web. Its goal is to bring the Jewish world into its own virtual community.
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JEW2JEW is what you make it. Do you prefer to share ideas through words? Do you feel like posting a photo? And what about that latest video created for Chanukah that you can’t wait to share with others to enjoy too?
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Users will become familiar with connecting to worldwide members with the same common interest of gaining Jewish knowledge. All themes or subject matter invited!

Virtual Jewish Geography Explore the Community

Create connections and link the online Jewish network.


Connect with other Jews. No yarmulke required!


Put your local events and organizations in our global Jewish directory.

Raise funds

Reach your supporters, increase your support base — and reach your goals!

Social Store

Buy & sell digital and physical products in your own personal store.


Keep in touch with your groups — and bring them together!


Grow with us, as we develop the best social media platform dedicated to Torah.

Social Media Management

We creatively manage the social media of our network Rabbis.
Reach to submit the contact information of a Rabbi you would like to see!
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